Snapped Control Arm

In back of the dealership I work at is what’s known as the “wholesale line.” It’s where cars that get traded in go that we don’t deem worth fixing up to sell, so we offer them up to other used car dealers. Sometimes there are some real pieces of junk out there. I was walking by after parking a car and noticed this Ford Focus sitting in the line.


At first glance I thought it was a broken lower ball joint, with the way the right front wheel was pulled back, but when I looked closer I realized it wasn’t the ball joint. I’m not sure why, I’m thinking possibly it was weaken by rust, but the lower control arm snapped. I couldn’t see any damage to the tire or wheel, so I don’t think it happened by hitting a curb or anything. Just like when a lower ball joint snaps, the wheel getting pulling out and back also meant the CV shaft got pulled apart, the brake hose got stretched, and it even broke a sway bar link joint.

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