I’m a fan of having bumper stickers on my vehicles that have meaning to them. On the rear bumper of my truck is a sticker that says “#BecauseRoadkill” and this is why I put it on there.


Ever since my 97 Civic broke something I didn’t want to go to the trouble of fixing, I’d been looking for a new car. Last November one of my friends told me that her brother was trying to sell his 1990 Ford F-250. I was really interested in it, but the problem was that it wasn’t the type of vehicle I needed to replace the Civic. The Civic is a small, fuel-efficient, 4-door car, and that’s what I need for commuting and travelling, and the truck is a big, thirsty, 2-door truck. I decided to buy it as a second vehicle instead of replacing the Civic, and that was Because Roadkill.


Roadkill is an internet car series made by Motor Trend/Hot Rod Magazine, that started on Youtube in 2012. The basic premise is just having fun with cars: getting a car running in a junkyard and driving it home, buying a car sight-unseen and taking it on a road trip, or just having fun with an old car, no matter what condition it was in or what breakdown occur. When they’re replacing a fuel pump on the side of the highway or spreading transmission fluid down a drag strip, the hosts will often say “because roadkill,” because having fun even if things fail is the point of the show. That’s why I bought my truck, and why I put the sticker on it. I bought it because it was cheap, it looks cool, and cause I just wanted it. I wanted some sort of project vehicle that I can have fun with, and it’s delivered. I bought my truck #BecauseRoadkill

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