Mechanical Malarkey in 2019

It’s the new year and my month off is over, so I’m back! Last year I did a lot of work on my truck, and bought a new used car to replace my Civic. Here’s what I’m hoping to do this year.


  1. Start making how-to videos. This won’t start happening until the weather gets warmer again, but a couple months ago I built a new computer capable of editing video, so I’m planning on starting to produce videos about the repairs and modifications I do on my cars.
  2. Make my car my own. I’d done a bit of work on my Civic to make it unique to me, but so far I haven’t done much on my Corolla besides a few stickers.
  3. Autocross? I’ve had this on my goals list for the last two years but my Civic slowly dying has prevented it. The local organization hasn’t put out their schedule for this year yet, so I can’t say for sure whether I’ll be able to try it yet.

Here’s to a productive new year!

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