The Wrong Way to Repair Brake Lines

When brake lines start leaking, they need to be replaced. Usually they leak from rust, and when they happens, either the whole line needs to be replaced, or just a section of it. The right way to do it is with either an entire new line, or connect a new section to an original section using proper flares and a union.


This is not a proper repair. It may look like a union, but it’s actually a compression fitting. It doesn’t require flares and is a fast fix, but is not very secure. They can be used on other types of lines, but is not safe to have on your brake lines, and is illegal in many states. Using a union and flaring the lines may take longer, and require special flare tools, but is the better option.


The car that I found that compression fitting on had a previous repair still visible, which I’m sure did not last long at all. I’m hoping this was maybe just a side of the road repair to get the car home, but even then I wouldn’t try this. It looks like they thought a piece of regular rubber hose and a couple hose clamps would be able to hold the pressure of the brake fluid. If this repair had still been intact when I looked over the car, I would not have driven the car out, but pushed it out.

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