Tool Review: Tekton T10-T40 long Torx driver set

It’s been a while since I did a tool review, so I figured I should do one that I’ve been using for a while to see how it’s held up. Here’s what I think of this long Torx driver set made by Tekton.


Tekton is one of the less expensive companies that makes a wide range of tools that are good for mechanic work. I bought this set of long Torx because I needed a long T30 for doing airbag work. As you can possibly tell from the picture, that’s the only one I’ve used so far, but I think it gives me enough info to talk about the whole set.

I haven’t had any problems with the bit itself. In my use with a cordless impact gun, it hasn’t twisted or stripped. I would obviously be a lot more careful with the smaller sizes, they’re very thin, but the T30 has stood up to a lot of use. My main complaint with the set is that the bits are held into the sockets by tiny allen screws. If the bits broke it would make replacement easy, but in my usage, the screw just loosens and lets the bit fall out. This is why the T30 has electrical tape around the base, so the bit wouldn’t keep falling out. If the bits were pressed into the sockets like most other sets I see, there wouldn’t be this problem. I do think this is probably exacerbated by the fact I use it with a cordless impact, which means a lot of vibration you wouldn’t get if just using it with a ratchet.

Because of the problem of the bit-holding screw loosening itself, I would recommend these fully to professional mechanics. However, if I were shopping for another set I would look for a set with pressed-in bits, which may cost more. This set was only a little over $20, and if you’re looking for a set for a job or two around the house, I would recommend this set.

Overall I’d give the Tekton T10-T40 long Torx driver set a 3 out of 5 star rating.

This set is currently for sale on Amazon for $22.

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