Underbody Damage

Most new Hondas have a metal or plastic cover under the engine that has to be removed before an oil change. The majority are missing fasteners or are damaged after several oil changes.


I see a lot of Civics with slightly dented covers from running over things, but this one was really bad.


It got pushed up so far that you can see the impressions left by the bolts on the transmission. Luckily it didn’t look there was any damage to the transmission.


After finishing up the oil change I was about to the put the cover back on when I noticed that there was more substantial damage. The subframe or lower radiator support had also been pushed upwards and was rubbing against the lower radiator hose. It would’ve been okay to leave it how it was if it was just the cover that was damaged, but this will need repairing so the hose doesn’t rub through.

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