My Car: Plans for 2018

It’s a new year! I didn’t do so well at accomplishing my goals for my car last year, but this year I think I can do it. Here’s what I have planned.


  1. Replace the Civic. It’s time. It’s been time since March, actually. It has enough problems that I don’t want to deal with that it’s time to just get a new one. I’m not sure what I’ll get, maybe another 96-98 Civic, or maybe something else will pop up that I want.
  2. Try autocross. I didn’t get to do this last year because of my rear suspension breaking, but this year I hope to have a new car before the first local autocross event comes around so I can actually do it this time.
  3. Make the truck liveable. My “new” 1990 F-250 is an adventure. I hope to make it a better daily driver and more comfortable. That’s all I want to really try with it.

As always, keep following the blog to see what I actually get done on this list. I’ll continue to post every Monday and Thursday, plus pictures every weekday on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram!

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