My Car: 2017 Report Card

Early in the year I posted a list of the repairs, modifications, and activities I wanted to accomplish with my 97 Honda Civic during 2017.


1. Replace right rear strut and lower control arm. I was able to do this in February to get my car ready for my big trip to Missouri in March. Success!

2. Install second accessory outlet and USB charger. I was also able to finish this goal early in the year. The USB charger has since broken off the brackets, so the next time I’ll use better glue. Mostly success!

3. Replace the engine. My plans for my car quickly changed in March. Part of the rear suspension broke that is necessary but not required, and replacing it would take a lot of work, so I decided to start looking for a new car. That meant I would not be replacing the engine this year. I also still haven’t found a replacement, despite buying a truck this month. Failure.

4. Try autocross. Because of the previously mentioned suspension breakage, I wasn’t able to do this, which really disappointed me. I’m hoping to get a new car in the spring of 2018 and be able to do this. Failure.

Overall I’m giving this year a D grade for how I did with accomplishing my goals for my car. I’ll be posting my goals for 2018 soon, so keep an eye out for that.

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