Odd Seat Adjustments

As a general rule I try to always leave customers’ seats in the positions they arrived in so they don’t have to adjust them when they get the car back. Sometimes that means I have to squeeze into cars with my knees pressed against the dash. The only times I do move the seats are when I have to test drive the car, or it’s a stick shift and I can’t use the clutch easily with the customer’s seat position.


Other times I don’t understand why their seats are adjusted the way they are. This car had the driver’s seat reclined really far back, so that I could barely reach the steering wheel. I had to test drive it so I did move it up, but it also reminded me of another car that had me scratching my head. The seat was so far forward that my knees were against the dash, but it was reclined so far back that I couldn’t even reach the steering wheel. The owner must’ve had really short legs and really long arms to be able to drive that car.

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