Mistakes Are Okay

If you just replaced the wrong part, broke something, or damaged a car, this one’s for you.


It’s okay.

Everybody makes mistakes. Even master technicians. I know people who have run into cars in the shop or parking lot, set off airbags, and at least three people who have dropped cars off lifts. Drain plugs get left loose, sometimes lug nuts. Sometimes you diagnose a problem incorrectly and replace the wrong part, sometimes you try to take out the wrong bolt and break it and spend hours removing it.

Mistakes are a learning opportunity, and are often the only way you learn things.

If coworkers poke fun at you for it or give you nicknames, just roll with it. It probably won’t last long.

Just remember it was an accident. Everyone makes mistakes, everyone’s wrecked something.

Tomorrow’s a new day.

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