2001 Honda CR-V Driveshaft Noise

My brother’s 2001 Honda CR-V had developed a strange noise. When accelerating in reverse there would be a short clank noise. I couldn’t tell what it was, so I took in to work, and they had never heard the noise before.


After trying a few things the noise was still there, so after more driving in circles backwards, one of the guys helping me told me to check the driveshaft but that it would be okay to drive. Then he crawled under the car, took a look at the joints, and told me to take it out right then.

The rear universal joint had worn so that it would get crooked, and when it would pop back into position the jolt would cause the driveshaft to make the clank noise. Because a universal joint exploding while driving wouldn’t be very fun, I took the driveshaft out until I can either get a replacement or get the joint replaced. Because the car is old enough it doesn’t know any different that I’ve removed the rear drive shaft and is now only a front wheel drive vehicle.


To bring the driveshaft home I had to wedge one end under the front passenger headrest and bungee cord it into place.

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1 Response to 2001 Honda CR-V Driveshaft Noise

  1. Evan says:

    Same thing happened to me, mechanics son has the same vehicle and no harm is done by taking it out. OEM replacements can be found on ebay for less than $200, mechanic said it would be around 900….


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