Brake Caliper Hangers

Hello 2016!

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When doing brake jobs, you have to take the brake caliper off the bracket. A lot of people I see just let it hang by the hose, which many others will tell you is not a great idea because it can damage the hose and connections. To prevent damage, you can buy specially made caliper hangers so you can hang it from a nearby piece of car.


While the ones you can buy are a bit stronger, I like to make my own. We have an abundance of coat hangers, and I can make two hangers out of one. I cut off the hook, and cut the rest in half, then bend them into an S shape. I also try to grind off the sharp ends caused by cutting. The few times I need one that’s larger or stronger I can simply chain them together. Making them is also a good way to occupy myself during downtime.



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