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The Civic Brake Line Ordeal

Back in March my dad’s 2001 Honda Civic developed a leak in one of the brake lines. The ensuing repairs ended up taking until September to finally finish, partly due to my free times and partly because I just had … Continue reading

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2001 CR-V Transmission, Speedometer, & Alternator Problem

I’ve learned a lesson about diagnosing strange problems. When doing electrical diagnosis you should always check fuses early on, but I’ve now learned that you should also check fuses if you have a strange problem, even if it doesn’t seem … Continue reading

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Cheap Work Truck Repairs

Last week I spent my time working at a summer camp, something I do every summer. I’ve done a little work on some of the camp vehicles in the past, but this year I got to do a couple full … Continue reading

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Push-Button Shifter

Is moving a lever to change gears the way of the past? It is for a few car models. For most of the history of the automobile, when you want to change gears, you moved a lever. When automatic transmissions … Continue reading

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Couldn’t Shift Into Park

It was a typical day at work until the manager told me to drive to a nearby store’s parking lot to help out a customer with her car. She’d recently purchased it, and suddenly it was unable to go into … Continue reading

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Punctured Tranny Pan

Once in a while I see cars with damage on the underside. On a truck or SUV I would assume that the damage was from off-roading, but then there’s the damaged compact sedans. Did they run over something in the … Continue reading

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