Tool Review: GearWrench Battery Carrying Strap

This may be the cheapest tool I’ve reviewed, but one of my favorites. Batteries are often awkward to put it or take out of cars, so I looked around for something to make it easier, and found this.


This is the GearWrench 205D Battery Carrying Strap. It’s just a plastic strap connecting two pieces that hold onto the battery terminals. It makes carrying batteries and installing them so much easier. The holes on each end are slightly different sizes, and are labeled for the positive and negative battery posts, but I’ve found that at least on the one I got, the labels are the opposites of what they should be.


I found this on Amazon, and at the time of writing this review is only $6.99. I’m giving it a 5 out of 5 rating. Great simple, cheap tool.

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