Find a Trustworthy Mechanic

Auto repair shops are everywhere, but it can be hard to find a good mechanic. Even if you find a good mechanic at one shop, somebody else at the same place may not be so good, so when you find somebody with a good reputation, try to stick with that one person. A good mechanic isn’t just one that does good work, but also one that doesn’t try to sell things a car doesn’t need.


This was a car that had recently been sold by the dealership as a used car. When it was time for an oil change, the customer took it a different shop, which told them that their brakes were worn out. Because they had just recently bought it, they brought it back to the dealership, and as I expected when I pulled it in, the brakes were perfectly fine, with barely any wear. If I was that customer, I would not go back to where they had just gone, because whoever worked on the car clearly tries to sell work that isn’t needed.

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