Tool Review: Streamlight Stylus Pro USB

Out of all the tools I’ve reviewed, this might be the one I’ve used the most.


For the last four years my flashlight of choice when working on cars has been my Streamlight Stylus Pro USB. I like to always have a flashlight on me, so a pen style light like this is ideal. It’s bright enough for my needs, rated at 90 lumens, and I usually can go several days between chargings. When I look for flashlights and work lights I always look for rechargeable so I don’t have to worry about batteries. This light is rechargeable, and it uses a regular micro USB connection, so all your need is a computer or phone charger. It’s made out of aluminum, and is designed to be water resistant, with a sliding cover over the charging plug.


I recently had to replace my first one because it was starting to get a little flaky. It wouldn’t always put out the full brightness unless I hit it against something, which of course sped up the deterioration. The wear on the outside after this much daily use is evident, but the only problem with it was the internals. I would definitely recommend this to a mechanic or anyone that wants a pocket penlight.

As of when this review was posted, the Streamlight Stylus Pro USB is for sale on Amazon for $45.

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