Power Sliding Door Problems

With the growing popularity of minivans over the past few decades, more and more convenience features have been added. One of the most popular is power sliding doors, where motor pulls on cables to open and close the sliding doors at the push of a button.


As with any car, the more features it comes with, the higher the chance that one of them will fail. During my time at both Toyota and Honda dealerships, I’ve seen plenty of their minivans need work on the sliding door systems. Usually it involves the cables breaking, or the power latches failing. These repairs can be expensive, so sometimes the customer is given the option of having the power function disabled, leaving it as a manual sliding door. If I had to own a minivan, I wouldn’t bother with getting power sliding doors, or if they broke I would just have them converted to manual, because it really doesn’t seem like that big a deal to open and close them myself.

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