My Truck: Brake Light Switch Wiring

As I’ve mentioned in a previous post, my 1990 Ford F-250 has had its wiring hacked together by previous owners. Recently this came to light again as my brake lights stopped working.


I figured that because both weren’t working, it was probably a problem with the brake light switch, or the wiring for it. A quick look under the dash found that the power wire to the brake pedal switch had been replaced. The new wire was a green solid core piece of home wiring, and it was unceremoniously shoved into an empty slot in the fuse box. This led to a loose connection and caused my brake lights to stop working.


It was an easy fix. I simply ran a new wire from the battery, and included a fuse. Now I’m at least a little bit more confident in my truck’s wiring, though there’s still a rat’s nest of wires and butt connectors under the dashboard I don’t really want to look at.

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