House Wiring in Cars

My 1990 F-250 has led a hard life, and the wiring has taken a beating. It’s been hacked together enough that I don’t even want to touch any of it if I can avoid it. One thing I noticed with some of the wiring that had been done was that they didn’t use the wire you can buy at the auto parts store, they used house wiring.


You usually use stranded copper wire because it’s more flexible than solid core, but there’s a piece of solid core wire on the truck with green insulation, obviously the ground wire from what you use in a house. There was also this piece that still had the covering around the three standard house wiring colors of black, white, and green. If I really wanted to I would figure out what these wires are for and replace them with the right wire and run it neatly, but right now I don’t want to spend that kind of time working on the truck.

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