Frequent Interior Work

One of the jobs I dislike but am given a lot is interior work. In some cases it’s remote start installation on brand new cars, but other times it’s a bit more. In the past couple weeks I’ve spent a lot of time on these. The main thing I don’t like about doing interior work is trying to not damage all the plastic pieces, but I think that’s why I get given these jobs, because I work slowly and carefully and actually follow instructions.


I spent half of two days removing this Honda Fit dashboard to replace the heater box. It’s the second time I’ve done the job so I knew what I was doing a bit more this time. The worst part is the driver’s door wiring harness connectors are not easily reachable and it took a while to get plugged back in.


A few days later I had to work on a CR-V with a water leak in the back. It took a while but I figured out it was the antenna leaking so I resealed it with some silicone. The day after that I had to replace a CR-V antenna, which required taking apart almost as much of the interior.


Not many days after that I had to take another dashboard out, this time on a CR-V so I could replace the heater core. It was much easier than the Fit, but I did forget one wiring connector when I put it back together so the HVAC controls wouldn’t work. A quick look at the wiring diagram helped me find where the problem was.

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