Road salt and snow take their toll on cars, and most of it happens underneath the car. Because of that some people get their cars undercoated, which is a rubbery coating that gets sprayed on a lot of stuff under the car.


Sometimes the shop doing the undercoating does more than it should. Generally suspension components don’t need to be undercoated, as well as brake parts. I often also see aluminum splash shields get coated, which is pointless because aluminum doesn’t rust.


While the coating on the sway bay links may keep them getting as rusty, but they will be replacing someday and the coating will just get in the way.


Another part that doesn’t need coating: rubber exhaust hangers. One thing you have to be careful not to get any coating on is the exhaust. While it would prevent it from getting rusty like it always does, the exhaust gets very hot and would burn the coating.

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