Quick Tip: Oxygen Sensor Thread Chaser

I’ve got another quick tip for you, once again about exhaust systems and oxygen sensor replacement.


When you have to replace an oxygen sensor, it usually takes a bit of effort to get the old one out, as exhaust always gets pretty rusty. It’s a good idea to get an oxygen sensor thread chaser to run into the hole before installing the new sensor just to make sure the threads are good and clean. When replacing one of the oxygen sensors on my brother’s car I could see there was a lot of rust and junk in the threads so I took a few minutes to make sure it was clean.

I have a Lisle 20200 thread chaser. It’s double ended, one side does oxygen sensor holes (18×1.5) and the other does spark plug holes (14×1.25). You can pick it up on Amazon for about $8.

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