Quick & Dirty Fix: Washer Fluid Pump

I recently refilled my windshield washer fluid, and found that I had a problem.


The outlet of the washer fluid pump had broken off, and it let all the washer fluid leak out, and left me with no way to clean my windshield. I didn’t have time to track down a replacement, so I decided I’d try hacking it back together.


First I superglued the hose and connection back onto the pump, then covered it all in Toyota form-in-place gasket, and then wrapped it all in electrical tape. So far it seems to be holding and not leaking, so I probably can wait a bit before needing to buy a new pump.

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2 Responses to Quick & Dirty Fix: Washer Fluid Pump

  1. Bill says:

    Been there, done that. I had the exact thing happen to an old Subaru of mine, just hopped a bunch of gasket maker on the connection filled her up and it worked like a charm.


  2. Bill says:

    *gooped, silly autocorrect.


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