My Car: New Fog Lights

A year ago I installed a set of Harbor Freight fog lights on my 1997 Honda Civic. They didn’t really do very much compared to my LED headlight bulbs, so I almost never used them.


I picked up a pair of Nilite LED fog lights from Amazon. They have a lower lumen rating that my LED headlight bulbs, but they’re mounted low to work against fog better than the regular headlights.


What better workbench than the hood of your car?


I have installed a proper relay and switch setup for the old lights, but I didn’t do the wiring at the lights very neatly. This time I cleaned it up and made it tight and neat.


At the top are the old lights, and the bottom is the new lights. I liked the look of the old lights, but the color didn’t really look right with the LED headlights.


Finally, a comparison of the light put out by my headlights, old foglights, and new fog lights. The new lights fill in the pattern from the headlights a bit, so night driving when there isn’t any traffic should be a little better.

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