Frozen Washer Fluid

We’ve been experiencing plenty of winter weather around here lately, and all the snow and ice on the roads means a lot of salt being spread, and salty water being sprayed by other cars covering your car and windshield. This makes it even more important than usual to have functioning windshield washers.


That means making sure you have good windshield washer fluid. It’s a little hard to tell what’s going on in this picture, but it’s the remains of a washer fluid pump that was destroyed by ice. There was still some ice inside the fluid tank, so it must’ve been filled with either regular water or some kind of washer fluid without an antifreeze component, and when the fluid inside the pump froze it just broke it into multiple pieces.

Make sure you’ve got a full tank of good windshield washer fluid this winter so you can see clearly and avoid repair bills.

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