Don’t Plug the Sidewall

When a tire gets a puncture, usually it can repaired with a tire plug.


However, you should never plug a hole that’s in the sidewall or on the tread right next to the sidewall. The sidewall is not repairable like the main treaded portion, so even if the plug is holding air in the tire, the sidewall is compromised and could blow out. What’s more is that at least in New York state, a sidewall plug is illegal and will fail yearly safety inspection.


If absolutely necessary you could plug the sidewall of your tire so you can get to a shop quickly, but you’ll need to get that tire replaced as soon as possible.

Both of these pictures were ones that came into my shop. They were not plugged at my shop. I never plug a hole that’s less than 1/2 or 3/4 of a inch from the sidewall, on the main tread.

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