Tool Review: Knipex Mini Bolt Cutters

Things need to be cut. Sometimes regular side-cutters just don’t work well enough.


I found these through EricTheCarGuy. Essentially just a small version of the large bolt cutters used to cut big things, they’re good for cutting small things very easily.

While I don’t use them every day, when I have something I need to cut that my side-cutters aren’t getting through easily, these are there and work so easily. In testing I’ve found they cut coat hanger wire effortlessly, and I can even cut brake line.

In my regular I may not use these much, but they do their job perfectly when I need them. Five lug nut rating from me.

These are also available with more padded grips. At the time of writing this post, these are available on Amazon for about $44.


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5 Responses to Tool Review: Knipex Mini Bolt Cutters

  1. Actually, I need a bolt cutter but I have no idea on which will best bolt cutter for my job. Do you have any recommendation?


    • Dan says:

      I don’t have any experience with their bigger bolt cutters, but I would recommend checking out what Knipex has. I like the quality of their smaller pliers so their big stuff should be just as good.


  2. jonsonserii says:

    Valuable article sharing. Last few days I am looking a bolt cutter for my personal working. But i have no idea about bolt cutter. Did i want to know which bolt cutter is better for me?


  3. Like others I picked them up to make fast work of bass hooks and they do nothing but that. I used them while installing a cyclone fence and they functioned just as easily as ever. I enjoy them so much I am contemplating their other plier goods…


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