Tool Review: Gardner Bender Automatic Wire Stripper

Whenever I’ve tried using regular wire strippers, I always get frustrated. I don’t understand how people use them easily. Then I found these.


I first found out about these in college, when one of my teachers was trying them out and showed them to us. Gardner Bender is a company specializing in electrical tools. I’ve seen the electricians doing work on the shop using their tools, so they must be good.

There are multiple companies that make this kind of stripper, but these are the ones I bought. The main function is stripping wiring insulation, and unlike traditional strippers, all you have to do is squeeze the handle and you’re done. It makes it so easy I feel like they pay for themselves every time I use them.

Between the grips and the hinge there is a cutter and some crimpers, but I rarely use them. I bought a regular pair of strippers that has crimpers at the end, because I found those a lot easier to use.

They feel well made, they do the job effortlessly, and don’t cost an arm and a leg. I’d give them a five lug nut rating.

At the time of writing this post, these are available on Amazon for just a little over $16.


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