Collision Repair at Home

Last winter my sister had a little run-in with a guardrail when she lost traction in the slush on the road. It was a pretty slow hit so it didn’t do too much damage.


The height of the guardrail was just right so that the bumper missed it and the only parts that got hit were the left fender and headlight.


I went to a junkyard and picked up a used headlight for fifty bucks, and did my best to bend the fender back into decent shape, because a fender would be harder to find in the right color, if I didn’t want to paint one.


After no more than a couple hours I had everything back together and looking pretty good. I’m not a collision repair tech, so anything I do like this isn’t going to be nearly as good as they could do, but it doesn’t look hacked together like some pictures you see.

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