Water Damage

We had a very heavy rainstorm a couple months ago. I had parked in a low part of the parking lot, and I was very glad I had waterproof boots when I went out at the end of the day.


That’s the car next to me, showing how much water was in that area of the parking lot. On my way out, I drove a bit faster than I should’ve through a similarly large puddle, because splashing is fun. But then, when I pulled out onto the road, my car started running rough and sometimes misfiring. I made it home, though most people probably wouldn’t have tried, and by the next evening it had all dried out and ran fine.


A new Camry with only a couple hundred miles came in a while back. This is the trunk, where the spare tire sits. That’s water filling it. The interior was also wet, and the engine was running extremely bad, once they got the water out of it. The customer said they drove through a puddle. Definitely more than a puddle.

Be careful around water. Don’t drive through water more than a couple inches, and even then go slowly so it doesn’t splash up into things.


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