Just Making It Work

Many times when working on cars we encounter bolts in really awkward locations, that make it a pain to work on. The Toyota 4Runner has a bolt buried behind the alternator that took me an hour to get out. Hyundai brakes have bolts in the worst places, preventing using power tools and making a brake job take twice as long as it needs to. The bolts need to come out, so we just make it work.


This was the easiest way I came up with to get the upper caliber bracket bolt off of a Hyundai Santa Fe. I could’ve just used a combination wrench and just turned it a little, take it off, reposition, put it back on, turn a little, and so on. I didn’t feel like doing that, so I put a swivel impact socket on my flex-head ratchet, and even though the socket could only get on the bolt at an odd angle, it still worked.


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