2001 CR-V Transmission, Speedometer, & Alternator Problem

I’ve learned a lesson about diagnosing strange problems. When doing electrical diagnosis you should always check fuses early on, but I’ve now learned that you should also check fuses if you have a strange problem, even if it doesn’t seem electrical.

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Aftermarket Valve Stem Caps

One area of cars that people like to customize that is surprising to me is the valve stems on the wheels. They’re such small, easily overlooked parts, yet some people care about them enough to buy special caps to change the look of them. A lot of times that doesn’t have any negative affect. I have heard of a time when a customer had valve stem caps so heavy that they caused a vibration.

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Honda HR-V Suspension Carnage

If there’s anything that can draw a small crowd of mechanics, it’s a car that’s gotten some impressive damage from a crash. Here’s a few pictures of a Honda HR-V that was sitting outside our body shop.

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OBD-II Connector Location

Every car sold in the US since 1996 is required to be equipped with an OBD-II connector so all scan tools, and in some cases state inspection computers, can connect to them and read data. There are general requirements for where the connector is, but sometimes they’re not in the most obvious locations. The OBD-II connector is generally located under the driver’s side of the dashboard. Sometimes it’s behind a little cover, sometimes it’s tucked a little bit behind a panel, but usually they’re mostly out in the open.

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Dashboard Removal

Last week was the second time I’ve had the fun job of removing a dashboard to replace part of the HVAC system, this time on a Honda Fit.

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Rim Protector Failure

Compared to even ten years ago, more and more cars are coming with bigger and bigger wheels, meaning thinner tire profiles. That means more potential for wheel damage from potholes and curbs.

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Quick Tip: Oxygen Sensor Thread Chaser

I’ve got another quick tip for you, once again about exhaust systems and oxygen sensor replacement.

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