Dirty Air Filters, Volume 4

Since the last collection of dirty air filters I’ve posted, I’ve found so many that ones that would’ve made it into previous posts aren’t even dirty enough.

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Worn Out Brakes Are Bad For Wheels

I’ve seen plenty of worn out brakes, where the friction material is completely gone and it’s just the metal backing scraping against the rotor. All of those little particles of metal have to go somewhere, and the wheel is one of the first places it will go.

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Broken TPMS Hack

Most newer cars have tire pressure monitoring systems that include a sensor in each wheel. On most cars the valve stem is part of the sensor. After several years, the rubber seal may start leaking and need replacing, but if the nut holding the sensor in has seized, you’ll probably break the sensor trying to remove it.

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Throwback: Animals in Cars

Today is a throwback to a few interesting discoveries of animal evidence in cars. Originally posted January 28th, 2016.

One of the last things you want to find in your car is an animal. Another bad thing is finding evidence they’ve been there. Animals can do lots of bad things to a car, from chewing wires and hoses to getting caught in the serpentine belt. Thankfully I haven’t seen the latter, but I’ve heard of it.

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Don’t Let Frustration Get You Hurt

Working on cars can be frustrating. Bolts can be hard to reach, parts don’t always fit right, snow drips on you in the winter. Managing your frustration is important because getting mad usually just leads to making mistakes and being not careful enough. Last week I was working on a recall on an Odyssey and was getting very frustrated.

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Leaking Coolant Pipe

I was doing a checkover of a CR-V when I noticed some coolant on the bottom of the engine. It was hard to see exactly where it was coming from because it was behind the intake, but I could see a slow drip from a coolant pipe that goes from the thermostat housing to one of the heater core hoses.

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Check the Threads

Whenever you’re removing a bolt that isn’t rusty, but it is hard to turn, it’s a good idea to check the threads on the bolt and the hole. If the threads got damaged in some way, when you try to put the bolt back in, it could cross thread or do even more damage. This has happened several times to me, which is why I have sets of both taps and thread chasers.

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