Don’t Forget the Grease Fittings

Sometimes while checking over a car, I find that someone in the past didn’t do a good job on something. If it was just somebody doing work in their driveway I could excuse it as lack of knowledge, but if it was a professional mechanic, they are not somebody I would take my car to.

In this particular case, whoever replaced one of the rear sway bar links didn’t do the job right. The plastic you see taped to the link is the bag containing the grease fittings. Not all brands of suspension parts use joint designed that require greasing, and when they do they usually leave the grease fittings out to be installed by the customer. Whoever installed this sway bar link may not have known this but should’ve seen the bag taped to the link. By the time I found this, it’s probably too late to install them with the rust and probable wear from lack of grease. This is actually the second car I’ve seen this happen on.

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