Wiring Almost Chewed Through

Hondas have a bit of an unfortunate reputation for having wiring that is appealing to animals. For a while the insulation is some sort of plant-based material, and when an animal takes up residence in a car’s engine bay, they might want a snack. I’ve seen a lot of cars with evidence of animals temporarily nesting in an engine compartment, and fortunately most don’t decide to take a bite out of the wiring, but sometimes they do.

Just a couple weeks after finding a car that needed an engine wiring harness because of multiple wires chewed through at one of the camshaft sensors, I had another one. This one, however, didn’t have a check engine light, because the wiring wasn’t quite chewed all the way through. The wires are pretty small to begin with, but the animal had bitten through all but two or three strands of the wire, leaving just enough that it didn’t interrupt the signal from the sensor. There was so little left I didn’t even want to dare touch it to try to wrap tape or anything around it to protect it, because I could easily break what little was left. I priced out another engine wiring harness and let the customer know.

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