Water Leak Totals Car

Water leaking into a car can be a real headache. There are a lot of electronics in modern cars, and they don’t like getting wet. If there’s enough water for long enough, carpet with get moldy and body panels will rust too. If you notice wetness inside your car, get it looked at as soon as possible to prevent major damage. Finding water leaks can be hard, though sometimes it’s just a clogged sunroof drain.

This Accord Crosstour was towed in because the engine would crank but not start. The technician that was diagnosing it found that the fuel pump wasn’t running. When he went to investigate, he found a lot of body rust, along with standing water in the rear cargo area. Some part of the roof or doors was leaking really badly, and along with the rusting body, the fuel pump control unit had gotten fried. With how much new parts, wiring harnesses, and body repairs would cost, the car was totalled.

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