Similarly Damaged Civics

It’s not that uncommon to have two of the same model and color car in the shop at the same time, but not often that they have very similar damage.

One of the other techs was working on a red Civic that caught my eye due to the gigantic dent in the condenser. Not just the condenser, but also the radiator. The plastic lower core support was destroyed, a metal bar was missing, and one of the A/C lines was very bent out of shape, though not broken. The bumper had already been taken off, so I didn’t get a good look at it, but it was probably pretty well destroyed too.

Then, a day or two later, I had a red Civic in for service that had very similar front end damage. I didn’t notice when it was on the ground, then I lifted it and when I turned around from my toolbox I was surprised to be staring at a gaping hole in the bottom of the bumper. The condenser, radiator, and radiator support were all damaged, though not as much as the other car.

Even though the condenser wasn’t nearly as bent as the other car, the A/C line actually snapped off in the fitting on this one.

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