Steering Work on a Dodge

I work at a Honda dealership, so 99% of the cars that come in are Hondas, but once in a while I have to work on something else, but as long as it’s something basic, it’s basically the same as working on a Honda. A Dodge Grand Caravan came into the shop with some problems, and it wasn’t bad to work on, considering it was just suspension work.

The customer said they had a flat tire and now the wheel is really crooked. They probably hit a curb or pothole pretty hard, cause the right front tie rod was very bent.

At first I wasn’t sure if it was only the tie rod that was bent, because the alignment looked so far off, but I had to replace it first to see anyway. It was bent about 30 degrees.

When I went to replace the tie rod, I actually had to cut off the bent part of the tie rod to even get the inner tie rod tool onto it. It was a little hard to get the boot clamp off because of where it’s located with a heat shield around it, but otherwise it was a pretty typical replacement.

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