Parking Sensor Problem: Blown Bulb?

A Honda Odyssey came in to the shop for diagnosis of the “check parking sensor system” message displayed in gauge cluster. It was given to me to figure out, and my first thought was maybe one of the sensors in the bumper had gone bad, or maybe something to do with the wiring, but it was actually much simpler.

The first thing to do was plug in the Honda scan tool to see what code was causing this warning message. To my surprise, the code was for the indicator bulb in the parking sensor switch.

The on/off button for the parking sensor system has a little green light to indicate whether the system is on, and apparently Honda felt that knowing whether the system was on or not was important enough that the bulb burning out would trigger a code and warning message. All that was needed to fix this was to pull the switch out and swap out the tiny little bulb.

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