Disgusting Car Interiors

Working on cars, you see cars in all kinds of conditions. Some are spotless, some look decently lived in, but some are just disgusting. I’ve talked in another post about how some family minivans are gross because of all the food and trash from the kids in the back, but these examples aren’t from kids.

This first one is one of the most disgusting cars I’ve been in. I’ve been in plenty that smell like dogs and have hair in them, but this was the worst. It stunk so much I had to wear a mask to tolerate it, and there was so much dog hair, it was all the way up in the sunroof track.

The car also had a water leak, most likely from the sunroof drains being clogged. I found out just how bad it was when I flipped the sun visor down and found that it was covered in mold. Normally I would take stuff apart so I could get to the sunroof drains to clean them out, but there was no way I was spending any time taking things apart in this car. I just blew the front drains out from above and left it at that.

Later that same week I had another car that was pretty gross inside. No dog hair this time, but the rear seat was full of garbage, and there was some kind of white dust over everything. When I got in it I didn’t want to touch the door to close it.

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