Tool Review: Mastercool Hydraulic Line Flaring Tool

This is a written version of my video from last week.

This is the Mastercool hydraulic line flaring tool. This set is number 71475. I bought this a few years ago and the new set start with 72 because they made some minor modifications to the flaring tool. The set number will vary depending on which sets of dies you get.

This set has the dies for 45 degree double flaring, GM fuel lines, metric bubble flaring, and push connect fittings, but does not have the GM transmission cooling line fitting dies.

It’s an easy tool to use, I demonstrate it in my video, and it takes only a minute or two to flare a line once you’ve learned how. I like it a lot better than the other flaring tools I’ve tried. I bought it when I was replacing the brake lines on my dad’s car, and I needed metric bubble flares, and couldn’t do those with any of the tools I could borrow except for this tool that I borrowed from a coworker. After I had to return it to him, I bought my own because I still had a lot to do. It’s tricky, but you can flare lines that are on the vehicle too.

This is a pricey tool, but if you’re doing a lot of flares, it’s invaluable. I give this a big five out of five star rating. This set is around $300, the price will vary depending on how many dies you get.

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