Tool Review: OTC Lower Control Arm Prying Tool

This is the OTC 6007 Lower Control Arm Prying Tool. It’s a very simple tool with one simple purpose: it makes it easy to use a prybar to pull a lower control arm down when disconnecting the steering knuckle. Sometimes you can do it by hand, or find a spot to slide a pry bar in, but it’s often not secure and can be tricky to line everything up. This makes it all easy.

The big opening slides over the control arm, and your prybar slides through the small hole. It works with standard large prybars, and if you wanted to use a smaller one you could, but a bigger one makes the job easier. The tool is made out of a single piece of bent steel rod, and it has a coating on it to prevent rust. It’s very solid and I don’t think it’ll ever fail with the amount of force I can put on it.

The OTC Lower Control Arm Prying Tool is currently listed on Amazon for $23.

I had this on my wish list for a long time and finally bought it when another tech wanted one too, and he’s used his plenty. I highly recommend this if you need to pull lower control arms down frequently.

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