Throwback: Overheated Engine

Today’s throwback post is a little different than usual. This is a post that I was told I couldn’t post by the dealership I worked at the time. I no longer work there, so here it is. Originally posted November 12, 2015.

The cooling system is very important for a car’s engine. Combustion chamber temperatures can be over 1000 degrees, and the surrounding parts of the engine are hundreds of degrees. If the temperature isn’t controlled, parts can warp and crack, and ruin the engine.


This is the engine of a Toyota Corolla with only 8,000 miles on it. One thing you can immediately notice is that the cylinders are filled with coolant. This means that something has caused coolant to leak into the cylinders. This is because the engine ran out of coolant, overheated and damaged the engine, and then was filled with coolant again, but now entered the cylinders.


Besides cracking the cylinder head, the overheating also blew a hole through the walls between three of the cylinders. If that hadn’t happened, the block may have been salvageable, but it’s basically worthless at this point.

The cause of all this was actually a factory problem. Two of the hoses that carry coolant didn’t get their clamps installed at the factory, which allowed coolant to slowly leak out at the connections.

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