Bad Welding In My Way

I was starting work on a steering rack replacement, which requires lower the subframe a few inches. While preparing to remove the bolts holding the subframe, I discovered a problem.


I’m not sure what the purpose of these pieces of metal was, possibly for a flat-tow hitch to tow the car behind a motorhome, but whatever they were for, they were not installed well. The first problem was that they were installed just close enough to some of the subframe bolts that I wouldn’t be able to remove them without cutting away what was added.


After I cut them off the car I could see that whatever they were, they probably shouldn’t have ever been used for anything like towing that requiring strength, because the welds were horrible. I’ve only taken one welding class but I think I could do better than whoever welded this.


Some of the welds looked like the welder had just stuck the gun in the general area, pulled the trigger, and waited for the wire to come into contact with anything, because there was so much excess wire.

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