Ran Over a Trailer Hitch

It’s usually not good to run over things in the road. This customer hit something much worse that did a lot of damage.


Somehow an entire trailer hitch had fallen off another vehicle and was laying on the highway when this customer hit it. Trailer hitches are very heavy, solid pieces of metal, and it did a lot of damage. The exhaust pipe is completely crushed against the engine, and the oil pan has been broken in multiple places. The transmission case is also damaged. I didn’t see it myself but I was told that the floor of the car was also pushed up as it went over the hitch.


I can only imagine the noise that running over a trailer hitch and smashing your oil pan on it would make. It must’ve been a huge jolt and I wouldn’t be surprised if the engine stopped with the impact, if not it quickly lost all oil and would’ve toasted the bearings. Even though this was a pretty new car, it got totaled just by running over a hitch in the road.

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