Doing a Hack Repair the Right Way

The repair order said that the right turn signal was out, replace the bulb. Usually when bulbs are out it’s just a bad bulb, but after throwing one in, it still wasn’t working. Obviously this meant it had to be a problem with the wiring.


I quickly figured out that the bulb socket was receiving power, which left the ground wire as the only other possibility. I found where the ground wire attached to the vehicle’s frame and started looking at the wires. After checking some of the harness, I decided that the easier course of action would be to just run a whole new ground wire instead of trying to find a break in the middle of a wiring harness that isn’t easy to get to.


I got some wire and crimp/shrink connectors and cut off the ground wire near the socket. I considered running the wire down to the original ground point, but the ring terminal I had wouldn’t have fit the bolt used for the ground point. Instead I decided to just run it to a nearby spot on the frame, drilled a hole, cleaned off some paint to get a good connection, and ran a screw into it with the terminal. This is somewhat of a hack repair, I’ve only done it on my own vehicles before, but I tried to do it as nicely and properly as I could to ensure that it would last a while.

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