Oversize Wheels and Tires Are a Bad Idea

Some people like to customize their car, to make it more their own, or to show off a little. A common modification people make are bigger wheels. Sometimes sticking to the stock tire diameter isn’t big enough for their tastes, so they decide to go even bigger.


Using extra big tires sometimes leads to some problems. If the body hasn’t been modified, the tires will stick out from the body, like on this car. Fitting oversized tires can be tricky on cars with stock suspension. Usually cars aren’t designed with much extra space in the wheel wells, just what is required to fit the standard amount of suspension travel with the stock tires. Usually with trucks, when larger tires are put on, a suspension lift is also installed to help clear the tires.


This is what can happen when you put larger diameter tires in an otherwise stock car. The edge of the tread is getting cut up by the edge of the wheel well. If this continues long enough, the tire could get a lot of damage and potentially fail. I don’t know how long this tire had been on this car, getting cut up like this, but the owner really should do something about this.

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