Don’t Let Frustration Get You Hurt

Working on cars can be frustrating. Bolts can be hard to reach, parts don’t always fit right, snow drips on you in the winter. Managing your frustration is important because getting mad usually just leads to making mistakes and being not careful enough. Last week I was working on a recall on an Odyssey and was getting very frustrated.


I don’t have the best temper and was letting it get to me, and wasn’t being as careful as I should’ve been. While popping the door panel back on, I slammed my hand against the metal stud where the handle attaches, giving me a nice big bruise on my palm. This was the first time I’ve gotten hurt from my own anger, and it’s taught me a lesson. If you’re getting too frustrated, take a break. Walk away for a bit, get a drink of water, stand outside for a few minutes, whatever it takes to calm down, then go back to the job.

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