Throwback: Surprise Passenger

Going back a couple years for a throwback to a special visitor in the shop.

It’s a regular Saturday morning at work, when one of the techs finds some fur in the engine compartment of a car he just pulled in. It turned out to be a live cat that rode for 45 minutes next to the engine. Luckily it was on the far side of the car from where all the belts and pulleys are, which are what usually kill stowaway animals.


When they were able to get the cat out, the techs tried to put it in a box, but it escaped and hid under toolboxes and workbenches for an hour before finally letting us grab it. It ended up going home with the customer, even though it’s probably a stray.

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3 Responses to Throwback: Surprise Passenger

  1. bookworm says:

    That happened to me several years ago! Some time after getting home from a friend’s house I heard unfamiliar meowing coming from under my car and was extremely surprised to see one of their tiny kittens sitting on my tire! I guess it jumped up onto something underneath the car and just rode along when I left. I couldn’t believe it survived the trip; it was nowhere near as long of a drive as that one had though! And it looks like that was full grown.


    • Dan says:

      This one was still young, not quite full grown.


      • bookworm says:

        Ah ok. Still much larger than my barely fist sized kitten though! I’m not sure if the size difference makes one or the other more impressive that they lasted the trip. I think a tiny kitten would be able to more easily curl up somewhere and avoid danger, but at the same time it seems to me being so much smaller and lighter would make it more likely to get bumped around if the road gets rough.


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