Modifying Tools

During a slow day at work I was doing some sweeping around the shop, and on different sides of the shop I found two cut off open end wrenches. Apparently two different techs really needed slightly shorter wrenches for whatever they were doing and decided sacrificing an open end was worth it.


While there are countless special tools sold for those hard to reach bolts, and many lengths of wrenches, sometimes you can’t get quite what you need. I haven’t had to do this myself, but if I felt I had to I’d rather get a cheap set of wrenches to do it to instead of my Snap-On or Gearwrench ones. There haven’t been any times I’ve needed to modify other tools, but I’m sure it’ll happen sometime in my career.

What’s your take on this? Have you had to chop a wrench in half to get into a tight space? Leave me a comment on this post or on my social media.

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