Opinion: Customer Declined Service

Fixing cars is a business. That means we have to make money. Often that means we have to try to sell work to the customer besides what they came in for. This can lead to mechanics getting a bad rap and being accused of selling unnecessary work, but I think most mechanics are honest and what they try to sell you is what your car really needs. Unfortunately for us, a lot of times the customers decline the extra work. I understand. They came in to get work done, planned on spending a certain amount, and may not have the money to get the extra work done.


However, sometimes it doesn’t make sense when they decline work. I don’t know how many times I’ve heard that a customer said “I’ll have my mechanic do that.” What does that make me? Does your other mechanic do everything except oil changes? I can understand some stuff like doing your own wiper blades or air filters, but I feel like if you or someone you know is willing to do a brake job, why not do the oil change too and not even bring it to a shop? The picture is of a wiper blade and brake pad that were both declined by the customer. I really hope that as soon as they left the shop they to the nearest parts store and bought wipers and brakes, cause these are not safe.
What’s your opinion on this subject? I’d like to hear from you. Tell me in a comment here or on social media.

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